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Eduard de Guardiola is the founder and CEO of Vista Realty Partners. With a profound background in real estate and a robust clientele, he is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Growing Up

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Born in Havana, Cuba in 1960, Eduard and his family left the country and came to Florida due to the rise of Fidel Castro. With a family of eight, and only being six years old at the time, Eduard had to adjust to living in a brand new country. During this transition period, it became clear that Eduard was a hardworking person. In fact, when his family first arrived on the shores of Miami, Eduard de Guardiola, along with his siblings, worked hard to help his family thrive.

In addition, he learned to appreciate the value of education, as it was his one way ticket to success and prominence. Furthermore, he paid close attention to his father’s words of wisdom and found success. Throughout his adult life, and even up until now, Eduard J. de Guardiola continues to look up to his father. He also cherishes and values his father’s advice, opinion, as well as insight.

Education & Career

While Eduard de Guardiola was still attending elementary school, he already started working. He firmly believed in starting early and getting ahead of his peers. In fact, he indicates that his ability to take initiative and stay ahead is the primary reason for his success. While in elementary school, he and his brothers would seek job opportunities wherever possible. Being eager and humble, they worked as grocery baggers, carrying boys, and delivered papers. In addition to their ambition to work and provide support to the family, they also continued to excel in their studies.

In 1971, Eduard was admitted to the University of Florida where he spent two years. Later, he transferred to Florida State in 1972. By the time he graduated, he received a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in American Studies in 1975. As a student, he had impeccable academic performance. He was not only close to his peers, but also his mentors. He believed that excelling academically was not the end goal.  The end goal was to connect with others on an intellectual level and building meaningful relationships. In 1978, he graduated with a Juris Doctor Degree. However, while his original intent was to pursue law, his passion for practicing law eventually faded. In the end, he developed a new found interest in real estate.

Professional Career & Success

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Throughout his professional career, Eduard J. de Guardiola has continued to excel. In 2015, he and his wife received $4.68 million for a six-bedroom house that they built in Palm Beach. One of the various successful investments that developer Eduard de Guardiola has made over the years.

As the founder and CEO of Vista Realty Partners located in Atlanta, Georgia, Eduard has made it his goal to continue to expand his business aggressively. In fact, he opened de Guardiola Family Office last year in March to further fund his real estate endeavors. As a successful business owner, Eduard de Guardiola employs over 30 years of professional experience to his future ventures. With the launching of the de Guardiola Family Office, he aims to target upstart residential, retail, and commercial real estate investment opportunities.

Legacy of Eduard de Guardiola

The purpose of this website is for Eduard to share his accomplishments and inspire others in real estate. He believes that being successful is not just about personal success. Instead, to Eduard J. de Guardiola, being successful is about mentoring others and guiding them towards success.

On this website, Eduard wishes to share the interviews, articles, as well as blogs that he has appeared in over the years. In addition, he has made it his goal to connect with other like minded individuals. He believes that while his clientele is robust, there is always room for growth. With the help of this website, he hopes to further expand his professional reach.