With a profound background in real estate, particularly in multifamily units, developer Eduard J. de Guardiola wants to expand his professional reach further. Currently operating in Atlanta, Georgia, as the founder and CEO of Vista Realty Partners, he is looking for like-minded individuals with similar work ethic to connect with.

With the success of Vista Realty Partners, Eduard had a team of 125 people at one point. They were operating as both a property management division and construction division. Also, when Developer Eduard de Guardiola liquidated his assets in 2017, it allowed him to establish the Guardiola Family Office. From this point on, the rest is history.  This office is his pride as well as crown jewel. Additionally, he has taken the time to power, guide, fund, and support other new entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are typically seeking to get started in real estate. Through the Guardiola Family Office, he is able to act as counselor, adviser, and sponsor.

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Nowadays, Eduard is busy managing Vista Realty Partners as well as the de Guardiola Family Office. Through this website, and more specifically, this contact page, Eduard J. de Guardiola wishes to connect with other business professionals. Connecting with people and maintaining a professional relationship is something that he is proud of. He values these meaningful connections that he makes when working with others. In his words, ‘a man is only as good as the allies he makes’.  Eduard strongly believes that during times of crises, or desperation, the friends you make throughout life will always be there to help out. This was certainly true throughout the various business endeavors he embarked on.

If you’d like to contact Eduard to discuss possible real estate ventures or learn more about real estate from a veteran real estate developer, complete the form below!